As outlined in the 2020 UWA Crawley Campus Masterplan, we are exploring various options to shape our future direction. This includes investigating alternate uses for our Nedlands and Park Avenue site.

UWA recognises and respects the level of public interest in our landholdings. Therefore, we remain committed to providing ongoing information and engaging with stakeholders and the community to inform the planning process and decisions.

The University has appointed community engagement specialists Creating Communities to facilitate and report on all engagement activities undertaken as part of the future planning process.

Stakeholders who have been invited to participate in the engagement process include:

  • UWA staff
  • UWA students
  • Members of UWA Convocation (including UWA alumni)
  • Other site users
  • Local residents
  • Local community groups
  • Local businesses
  • Aboriginal Elders
  • Elected members and officers of local and state governments
  • Other stakeholders identified during the engagement process

Engagement to date

Online facilitated focus groups

Virtual tours of the site and a cultural narrative video

Short survey
Design workshops
Drop-in sessions

In undertaking this engagement UWA has committed to:

  • Timely, authentic engagement with the UWA community and external stakeholders.
  • Being responsive to stakeholder feedback.
  • Being proactive, timely and honest with internal and external communications.
  • Respecting our responsibility to the future sustainability of the University by generating substantial, enduring educational, social, and economic benefits to the Western Australian community.

To facilitate this engagement process, we have used a range of communication channels to reach out to our community. We have promoted through internal UWA communication channels, alongside letters, flyers, posters, onsite signage, and print advertisements encouraging the community to actively participate and register for engagement activities.

Nedlands site engagement – updated June 2023

Currently, engagement activities for our Nedlands site are on hold as we delve deeper into understanding more specific needs for this site. This additional investigation will help us make informed decisions as we move forward. We will provide further updates as soon as the engagement process for the Nedlands site resumes.

The Findings

View the latest information on the engagement process: