Over 100 years of forward thinking

For more than a century, The University of Western Australia has played a significant role contributing to the communities we serve locally, nationally and internationally.

UWA has a rich heritage with a beautiful campus that we are immensely proud of.  However as we move forward what students, researchers and communities need from our physical facilities and environments is changing. Simultaneously, new digital needs are rapidly evolving.  To meet these needs, the physical and digital environments that UWA offers will also need to evolve.

The University has released its 2020 UWA Crawley Campus Masterplan. The Masterplan was shaped collaboratively thanks to a wide-range of stakeholders including UWA students and staff, and the wider community, who helped us gather ideas and prepare us for the future.

What is a masterplan?

The 2020 UWA Crawley Campus Masterplan is a non-statutory, high-level plan which guides how our physical and digital environments are aligned with the University’s vision for greater connectivity, engagement and a vibrant campus experience for our students, staff and community.

The Masterplan was pursued within the context of the University’s mission statement: To provide world-class education, research and community engagement for the advancement of the prosperity and welfare of our communities.

The Masterplan is firmly focused on the next decade and beyond, and identifies greater emphasis on sustainability, our natural environment and intercultural heritage.

Why does UWA require a Masterplan?

In response to a changing global education sector, the UWA Masterplan will align the University’s strategic vision and campus development to ensure it has a progressive, resilient and sustainable future. Through the articulation of design and development principles and plans (including sustainability, transport, infrastructure, landscape and cultural heritage), the Masterplan will provide a framework for future development.

Previous campus plans focussed only on the physical estate at Crawley campus  however the new Masterplan considers the entire UWA landholding and integrates physical and digital infrastructure.

How we prepared the UWA Masterplan

This  8-minute video provides an overview on how our 2020 UWA Crawley Campus Masterplan came together.