Engagement to date

Consultation has concluded.

Registered their interest in being involved in engagement activities for the Park Avenue site.
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Registered to attend a focus group.
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Focus groups were conducted with key stakeholders including residents, staff, students, alumni and business owners.
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Survey respondents
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Design workshops and pop-ups were held at Crawley campus and Park Avenue site
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Participants were asked to list three words which described the Park Avenue site. The top responses are shown in the Word Cloud where larger sized fonts represent more frequent responses.

What people valued most

It was generally acknowledged the site was underutilised and unactivated

  • A lot of activity occurs around the periphery of the site but not within it
  • Currently limited opportunities for dwelling or activity on the site
  • It is perceived as private and relatively anonymous to the public

Heritage buildings on site (Park Avenue Building and Tuart House)


Connections to the surrounds, including the pathway through the site


Mature trees and Tuart garden

UWA_Open Spaces

Existing green open space


Link to UWA’s history

What we heard

Key ideas that participants would like to see in future planning, potential uses and key concerns.

Participants’ future planning ideas and considerations

  • Heritage buildings maintained or repurposed
  • Retention of mature trees and the urban canopy
  • History of the site is respected
  • Cultural history of the site is highlighted
  • Connections to Kings Park and the river enhanced
  • More amenity for the local area
  • Enhance the accessibility and activation on the site
  • Support for underground parking to enable more open space
  • Traffic management: site access and egress for vehicles 
  • Open green space

Thoughts around future uses on the site

Participants were asked to choose from a range of uses as to what should be considered for the site. The preference for these uses included:

Picture 1.png-4

1. Community uses such as community facilities and services

Picture 1.png-3

2. Hospitality uses such as cafe, restaurant

Picture 1.png-6

3. Residential accommodation such as townhouses or apartments

Picture 1.png-5

4. Short stay accommodation

Picture 1.png-2

5. Commercial uses such as business offices

Picture 1.png-1

6. Retail uses such as shops

Other potential uses raised were:

  • Student accommodation
  • Educational
  • Cultural
  • Specialist medical/health-related

Top 3 big ideas

Art gallery / centre /Berndt Collection

Meeting spaces

Health hub

Top 5 repurposes for the heritage buildings

Arts space / gallery

Used by UWA schools / research / lectures


Space for the community

Cultural centre

Key concerns

  • Mature trees would be removed​
  • The site would be overdeveloped and overpower existing heritage buildings
  • Parking: not enough/too much/congested
  • The built form would be too tall
  • Increased traffic in the area
  • Heritage buildings would be demolished

Design Concepts

Three Draft Design Concepts were presented throughout the engagement process where feedback will be collated to help inform the future planning of the Park Avenue site.

Key insights


Balance of height vs open space – what you told us!

  • 1 represents a plan where all the buildings are lower in height, taking up most of the space on the ground level.
  • 8 represents a plan where all the buildings are taller in height, but with less space on the ground level.

Next steps

There are still a range of engagement activities to be involved in for the future planning of the Park Avenue site. Click the button to register for upcoming engagement opportunities.